Care taxi Sasayaka maru

Care taxi Sasayaka maru is a driver of a care worker. It is a taxi that can be used by people with handicapped.I can‘t speak foreign languages,but I translate it on a machine.(POCKETALK)


This is a licensed care taxi from the Hokkaido Transportation Bureau.


Please use it with confidence because of the long experience of driver and care worker.Ideal for traveling in Hokkaido.Available from Chitose Airport to Sapporo, Furano, Niseko, Hakodate, Otaru, Asahiyama Zoo, etc.You can enjoy traveling in Hokkaido even if you are physically disabled.Of course,I will do your travel guide.


Can be used by foreigners in Japan when going to the hospitals.

Can be used from station to home or from shop to home.


Please follow the rules!

Please pay the fee displayed on the meter.Payment is in japanese yen and some cards or electronic money.Healthy people can not use.Please contact us by e-mail or LINE,SMS






Please forgive any mistakes and inappropriate text.

Who can use it

1.Person who receives grant of certificate of person with a disability


2.Those who have received care certification


3.Person who cannot walk alone other than 1 and 2 attendant


Wheelchairs are also available,but you can use them without using a wheelchair


Three peaople can ride in addition to the wheelchair

Purpose of use

Can be used for any purpose.

For example,travel,hospital visits,shopping,etc.


Regular hospital  visits and sudden hospital visits.


Hokkaido sightseeing and city sightseeing.


Can be used one way or round trip.


Can be used at short or long distances.


Can be used for 1day charter or 2days 3days.

How to use

It is a complete reservation system


If there is a vacancy,we will respond even on the day


1.First check if you can book by email or LINE,SMS


2.Next,please tell us your name,time,location,destination and nummber of passengers


3.Please let me know if you have anything else to share,such as renting a wheelchair


Listen to anything you don't understand!


For reservation and inquiries,please email or LINE,SMS





Care taxi Sasayakamaru

Yasuhiro Sasaya


Hokkaido Eniwa City Megumino minami4-16-18